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Each week I film an actionable coaching video on leadership and business management strategies to help you generate growth in yourself, your team, and your business.

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Engage and Lead

Identify the 8 Keys to developing highly productive teams. In this 4 week course, you will develop the habits to effectively lead your team and mobilize your human and material resources.

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Corporate Training

The success of your business does not happen by chance. Success flows from an engaged team and effective leadership. This training enables you to create greater value in your sales team and organization. Increase sales and the financial growth of your business by training your leaders to engage and lead their teams more effectively.

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ENGAGE and LEAD: Eight Keys to Developing High Performing Teams
Unleash Your Creativity as a Leader
Navigate Changing Environments
Expand Your Organizational Boundaries
Authentic Leadership
Transformational Leadership
Release the Poser: Living Authentically in a Wannabe World
Create Presentations that Stick
"Tony is one of the strongest leaders I’ve met. With keen and intelligent insights, the ability to put these into easy to understand ideas, and get those around him to buy in. His inspirational messages connect with the strong EQ hearts and the high IQ minds alike. I would recommend using Tony’s attributes and ideas to get the best opportunities out of a team, business, and community."

—M. Largent, SVP
"I am a lot more open with my team and able to discuss the things that need to be discussed. I've implemented core values to help guide my team. My team is now utilizing the resources available to help them succeed more effectively. I understand what needs to be done right now to help my team, and I was able to get a plan of action down on how I can lead them through a pandemic. I have learned a lot."

—C. Risky, Development Manager
"Tony made a lasting, positive impression during our shared time at Blue Star Land Services. Professional, hard-working and motivated, Tony draws from real experience to promote practical applications of knowledge for effective business solutions. Strength of character, a leading presence and discerning insights are just a few of the attributes Tony can provide to help inspire your team for strategic success. "

—J. English, Director
"Tony did a phenomenal job providing leadership skills, training, and experience to our sales team."

—B. Banfield, VP Operations